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“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

How it all Started?

I had always been a keen traveler. So far, I have done pretty well considering the kind of background I come from. But I was not satisfied as I wanted to make a career in traveling rather than being “I am taking a break” kind of a traveler. I always carried this dream as a repressed desire. Last month we went for a long mountain walk near Wellington which is popularly known as “Stairway to Heaven”. There was nothing unusual about it as I very regularly go for such walks. We started at about 11 AM and were aiming to finish it in 5 hours. We reached the peak and while coming down, when your feet are tired I came across this point where I was really scared. What if I lose consciousness temporarily? One wrong step and you go for a free fall of 500 meters.

Stairs to heaven

I am not new to such walks. I have done trekking in Ladakh at an altitude of 18000 meters for full one week when I was in my twenties. Somehow, this fear became worrisome for me. Are we taking our life too much for granted? I am in my fifties and still I have so many dreams that I have not even attempted? If not now, When? It was a big question but it took me only a few seconds to take my decision. I told my wife, enough is enough, may be, the reason for coming to this walk was to remind us that you are all not mortal and you don’t have hundreds of years at your disposal to fulfill the unfulfilled desires and time has come to shift the gear of our life journey. It is now or never. I am not scared of death but who knows what happens after death when your soul merges with the ultimate source? There may not be any desires, no targets, no dreams because you have reached the ultimate goal. So, now is the time to do all you want to do. We came home and the first thing I did was registering this domain. I derived the idea for the domain name from Gulliver’s Travels. Then, another idea appeared from nowhere. Why not, I club my passion for  cosmic journey with physical journey? I immediately decided to start my first adventure with “Walking the Camino” in Spain in the next few months. I don’t belong to any religion but I do everything what lifts me spiritually and I have watched this movie and have heard a lot about this 10-15 days walk. I will keep you posted about my experiences. After that, I plan to visit Mahesh Yogi’s  Ashram in Switzerland to complete my advance Transcendental Meditation course.

Traveling is OK but my reason to start this blog is, that my traveling career should be self financing and that is how I will be able to sustain it in the long term. I definitely don’t want to sell and install security cameras and point of sale goods to finance my traveling. I somehow accidentally landed at the blog page of  Matthew Karsten whose blog is considered to be at number 1 as far as an individual’s travel blog is considered (Excluding travel sites like Lonely planet etc.). Somewhere, in his blog, he has mentioned that he is open to the idea of business partnership with the fellow travelers. I emailed him and believe me, his “Auto Reply” was sufficient enough to sky rocket my motivational level to the higher plane.

His auto reply was:

Thank you for your message!

I’m currently trekking “off-the-grid” through the mountains of Afghanistan for the next 3 weeks and won’t be reachable until mid September. Visit my Facebook Page to follow along with satellite updates.
Please be patient with my reply, and thanks for understanding.
(this message was auto-generated)

Matthew Karsten

Adventure Travel Blogger & Photographer

Featured on BBC, National Geographic, and The Travel Channel