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Taupo is one of my favorite places in New Zealand where I normally take a break whenever I am driving from Wellington to Auckland. It is located midway between Wellington and Auckland on highway H1. It has many interesting places to visit but of course my favorite pastimes are strolling along the great Taupo lake or walking along the Huka Falls. Taupo and its twin city Rotorua are quite famous for adventure sports also but I prefer Queens Town for such activities. And Taupo, Oh, my stress melts down as I enter the city. Walk along its beautiful lake and trek along the Huka fall, smell the air and just do nothing. Let your soul take over the control of your actions and do what it wants to do. Free yourself from your daily schedule, check list etc. Just enjoy the nature.

Various moods Of Lake Taupo:

If you love the stillness of lake Taupo, move on to Huka fall where it comes down dancing through the hills, crashing through the stones to meet the lake Taupo like a child. Its aquamarine blue color is so soothing to the eyes that you feel as if you have entered a magical world the place reminds you of childhood's fairy world. Have a few glimpses of Huka fall below.

Craters Of The Moon: Geothermal Walk:

Do not miss this place if you ever visit Taupo. It all sounds very normal when somebody says, here in New Zealand we are all living on live volcanoes. But you come to Craters of the moon to actually see it with your own eyes. At times you get scared. Just imagine you are walking over live volcano and see the hot gases gushing out the holes making weird unpleasant sound. For the first time in New Zealand, I saw so many bill boards about "Danger", "Enter at your own risk" etc.

Watch the following video as the pictures are not able to generate the real effect of this place.